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Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi

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Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi

We are telling you Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi. Let us tell you that Vishnu Tiwari was declared innocent by the High Court a few days ago in the case of rape and SC / ST Act after 20 years and he has been acquitted. In this article Vishnu Tiwari will explain the case in detail in Hindi, so let’s start.

Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi – Know in brief

Full Name Vishnu Tiwari
Home Address Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh
Station Mehrouni of Lalitpur
case and allegation rape case
section Sections 376, 506 of IPC and 3(1)(7) and 3(2)(5) of SC ST
date of arrest 16 September 2000
age at the time of arrest 23 years
proclamation of punishment 2003 by Lalitpur Court (Life Imprisonment)
prison Agra, Central Jail
Allahabad High Court lawyer who got justice Shweta Singh Rana
Appeal in Allahabad High Court 2017
vishnu tiwari release date 5 March 2021

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Innocent Vishnu Tiwari lost his loved ones while serving the sentence

Vishnu, a resident of village Silavan in Lalitpur district of UP, has lost his two elder brothers along with his parents in the last 20 years. On Thursday, Vishnu was released from jail and then when he reached the village, the whole village expressed happiness by hugging him and also welcomed him well.

Vishnu Tiwari wanted to commit suicide

Here Vishnu also came home and told that if he was not released in a few days, he would have committed suicide. Because now he wanted to get rid of this prison life and for that he had made up his mind to commit suicide. Now you can imagine the extent to which his helplessness had increased. Had it not been so, Vishnu Tiwari would have been out of the case even after serving the sentence.

Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi – Know the full story

Vishnu also told that he was punished for a crime which he had not committed and he had to spend 20 years in jail due to the corrupt system of that time and Vishnu Tiwari was not even heard. While Vishnu also said that he is not an adult, Vishnu Tiwari is 17 years old and has not done any such bad act.

Vishnu Tiwari only had a little argument with the aggrieved side about the animals. After a little argument, the opposition filed a complaint in the police station. But the police knew that the matter was false, yet under pressure, the police took action against him under the rape and SC-ST Act and sent him to jail.

While in jail in 2003, Vishnu Tiwari came to know that he has been sentenced to ten years in the rape case and twenty years in the case of SC/ST Act. His father even sold the land for Vishnu Tiwari’s bail but he did not get bail. In the year 2013, Vishnu’s father was paralyzed and died.

The very next year, in the year 2014, Vishnu Tiwari’s mother also died. Not only this, after a few more years, his two elder brothers Ramkishore Tiwari and Dinesh also died and he could not attend anyone’s funeral.

Vishnu further told that after the year 2005, no one came to jail to meet him for the next 12 years. When his younger brother Mahadev came to meet him in the year 2017, he told that four members of his family, including his parents and two brothers, had died. Vishnu Tiwari’s case ended and he also got the status of innocent.

In the year 2018, when Vishnu was in jail, the lawyer who came under his legal service further heard him in the High Court and fought his case and then finally the High Court declared him innocent and ordered his release. You have understood Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi in detail.

After all, why the government should help Vishnu Tiwari

Vishnu Tiwari, who proved innocent after spending the crucial twenty years of his life in jail, has appealed to the government for help and he says that today he has nothing left, nor does he have a house and land to live in Vishnu Tiwari’s first. It was sold. In such a situation, he has a lot of hope from the government, he says that the government should give him the prime minister’s house to live in and also give some such work for his employment so that he can earn his living.

Let us tell you that the house where Vishnu lived 20 years ago has now turned into ruins. When Vishnu reached his house after being released from Agra jail on Thursday, seeing the condition of his house in ruins, he said that where will he live now? Because one or two who are a little fine, his brothers etc. live in it.

Vishnu’s younger brother Mahadev told that after Vishnu was punished, the villagers had boycotted him too and everyone lived far and wide from his family. Even no one used to invite him in any program here. When people came to know about a little truth two-three years ago, the people of the village have started calling him.
He further said that he did not even get the Prime Minister’s residence by the government, only his middle brother has got the benefit of a toilet in his house. As if everyone forgot the case of Vishnu Tiwari. Finally a time has come when the innocent Vishnu Tiwari was released from the case.

final words

Vishnu Tiwari was released from jail on 5 March 2021. People are interested to know his biography. In this article we have told Vishnu Tiwari Case in Hindi. Here you have come to know about Vishnu Tiwari’s case and other things related to life. I hope you have enjoyed our article.

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