Queen Iduna and Lt Mattias to meet in Frozen 2

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Queen Iduna and Lt Mattias to meet in Frozen 2


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Previously you saw a glimpse of Elsa and Anna’s mother, Queen Iduna and father King Agnor in the film. Queen Iduna made all the preparations to give Elsa the answers to the questions she wanted and the next role is going to be based on that. She leads Elsa on a path of her own dug with lullaby along with two sisters titled ‘All Is Found’, also talking to the river who knows the answer to almost all questions.

Queen Iduna loves her daughters and wants to protect them at all costs, especially from the secrets of her past. But as Elsa’s powers and questions grow, Queen Iduna wonders if her own past is the right answer to every family question. In the trailer, Dum sees a soul that mesmerizes everyone.

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It is the same soul that plays with and attracts a young boy and a girl. About which we can say that it is the form of Iduna and Agner.

Looks like Iduna Hills comes from the forest where Agniyar comes, the two meet and fall in love. What happens later, the queen wants to keep her past a secret for Iduna’s sake.

We are also introduced to Lieutenant Mattias, a loyal soldier of Ardelle, who never forgot his oath to the kingdom. He defended his homeland Arendelle, Northuldra against his enemy but in doing so he was trapped in the enchanted forest for 30 years.

When he meets Elsa and witnesses her magical powers, he has to face some of his long-standing things. Lieutenant Destin Mattias is voiced by Sterling Brown.

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Hollywood film Frozen 2 has very good secret in this chapter, Frozen 2 Introduces Queen Iduna And Lieutenant Mattias.

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