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Kritika Malik Wiki Bio, Height, Instagram, Gym Pics, Husband

Kritika Malik Wiki Bio, Height, Instagram, Gym Pics, Husband
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Kritika Malik Wiki Bio, Height, Instagram, Gym Pics, Husband

Kritika Malik is a fitness model and social media influencer. Kritika Malik was born and raised in Delhi, India. Kritika Malik Wiki, Height, Age, Husband, The emergence of social media has brought up many opportunities for people to showcase their talents. We follow such personalities and try to make them our role models or at least we share our love and encourage them. They gradually become social media stars. One such social media star is  Kritika Malik. She is so popular and has immense fans and supporters on social media platforms like Instagram, youtube, and Tik Tok which was recently banned in India. She usually makes short videos about fitness and extremely active on social media by making Instagram reels and uploading videos on a YouTube channel named ‘Family Fitness’.

FAMILY LIFE of Kritika Malik

Kritika Armaan Malik, the highly influential social media queen was born on 28th March 1994 in New Delhi and as of 2020, she has 27 years old. There is not much information about her parents available but has two siblings, a sister, and a brother. Her sister is Swati Basra and her brother is named Kushal Basra. Many misunderstand Payal  Malika as her sister but it’s not.

At the age of 26, Kritika got married to Armaan Malik. The big day was on 30 October 2018, and this marriage is not a common one. Kritika is Armaan’s second wife so that you think Armaan divorced his first wife but not,  they three live together in Hyderabad. Armaan’s first wife’s name is Payal Malik and they three combined to make videos and  Instagram reels. The three of them are so popular on social media, especially on YouTube and Instagram. They together run a YouTube channel named ‘Family Fitness’. Kritika usually uploads fitness videos as she cares about her health and goes to the gym regularly.

When talking about marriage, we can say that she married her boyfriend  Armaan Malik. He is also a Tiktok star, video maker and has a huge fan base. The two wives of Armaan Malik namely Payal and  Krithika Malik are legitimate wives of Armaan. Armaan follows Hindu culture and according to Hindu culture, it is not allowed to have more than one wife at the same time. The decision of Armaan to get married again was not convincing to Payal’s relatives. They don’t agree to such a relationship but later Armaan state that he married Kritika, after asking Payal and getting her permission. Payal doesn’t have such an issue and she is extremely happy with Armaan’s decision. While watching the videos we come to know that Payal and Kritika are just like friends or more than that they are like sisters. She is currently living in Hyderabad, India with her family consisting of her husband and his first wife Payal Malik, their Son Chirayu Malik, and with grandfather in law.

Kritika Malik Wiki Bio, Height, Instagram, Gym Pics, Husband

Kritika Malik Wiki Bio, Height, Instagram, Gym Pics, Husband

EDUCATION of Kritika Malik

Kritika Malik does her schooling in Kamul Public Senior Secondary School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi. After her school life, she went to Delhi University. Her education qualification is said to be graduation but not known information about the specification in graduation.

CAREER LIFE of Kritika Malik

Tik Tok, one of the most influential apps which allow the posting of content was banned in India. Due to this banning, make Tik Tok stars start to find a new platform to showcase their talents.  At the same time Instagram came up with an updation, that is Instagram included ‘Reels’. As a result, Tik Tok stars relocated to Instagram(World’s most popular photo and video-sharing social media platform). The same process happens in Kritika’s social media life too. She was so much popular in Tiktok by posting videos like fitness videos and had followers of 11.4 million when it was banning. When she started to post videos and photos on Instagram, she acquired huge followers and is increasing day by day. She is a fitness model and does fitness-related videos More. She makes fitness videos in the gym with her husband Armaan and videos are viral on Instagram. Kritika has followers of 2.4 million supporters and the number of followers continues to increase.

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The photos of Kritika also have many followers as people love to see her special posses. She does modeling posts in bikinis and beautiful outfits with superposes. Her videos and photos have a different range as she came up with unique ideas every time. Kritika Malik also has a trending YouTube channel named  ‘Family Fitness’. The channel is owned by three of them, that is Armaan Malik, Payal Malik, and Kritika Malik. Usually, Family Fitness showcases small videos, vlogs,  fitness secrets, and such content and has nearly 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

General Information of Kritika Malik

Name Kritika Malik
DOB 20 March 1994
Age 27( as of 2021)
Zodiac Pisces
Height 5’7”
Weight 58
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Husband Armaan Malik
Son Chirayu Malik
Current city Hyderabad
Hometown New Delhi, India
Profession Tik toker, Instagram influencer, fitness model
Education Graduation
Religion Hinduism
Instagram Id Krithika_Malik_9
Twitter @Krithika Malik
YouTube Family Fitness

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