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Know Hero, Heroine and Story in Hindi

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Know Hero, Heroine and Story in Hindi

People are thinking that when Black Widow is dead in Avengers Endgame, then how can Black Widow 2021 come? Will Natasha be back alive? Or will his origin be shown in this movie? Is the Black Widow movie still happening?

This is before Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War. But the surprising thing is, why is it shown from 2016 to 2018?

Natasha had put all the information about the Black Widow program on the Internet, due to which many people became her enemies. Especially the people of Red Room who were already angry with Natasha because she had betrayed them.

That’s why many people then wanted to kill him. But at that time Black Widow was in the team of Avengers and she had got the government’s tashan from above. That’s why she was safe then.

Everything changed after the movie Captain America Civil War. In the Civil War, Natasha had accepted the government agreement at first, but later she broke the law, due to which she became a criminal and she fled.

Black Widow Movie
Black Widow Movie

It was the worst time of his life. Which is why the Black Widow movie is in this timeline. In this movie, Natasha will face the other Black Widow of the Red Room and the villain of this movie will be Task Master, who can copy anyone’s fighting skills and defeat them.

The events of this movie are after the Civil War. Hence Natasha of the movie will be seen in red hair and may be seen in Infinity War look towards the end of the movie.

Black Widow Movie Cast and Cast | Black Widow Movie Cast

Role Real Name
Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) Scarlett Johansson
Dreykov (The head of the Red Room) Ray Winstone
Thaddeus Ross (The United States Secretary of State) William Hurt
Yelena Belova (Trained in the Red Room as a Black Widow) Florence Pugh
Alexei Shostakov David Harbor
Rick Mason OT Fagbenle
Melina Vostokoff Rachel Weisz
Black Widow Movie
Black Widow Movie

The Story of Becoming a Black Widow | Black Widow Movie Storyline

Natalia Alaynovna Romanoff better known as Natasha Romanoff. She was born in 1984 in a city in Russia. She was an orphan. She was put in a secret Academy Red Room in Russia at a very young age, also known as Black Widow Program.

It was an academy where small girls were trained and made detectives and murderers. The girls who get trained in this academy are called Black Widow.

In this red room, girls were taught weapons and fighting skills and weak girls were killed. After the training was over, there was a graduation ceremony in which all the girls were sterilized.

Natasha Romanoff had realized during her training that something was wrong with her, so she pretended to fail the test before the graduation ceremony. So that she could not be sterilized, but her masters deliberately sterilized her, which caused a deep shock to Natasha’s mind.

She then became a Russian spy. First she worked for the people of the Red Room and later started spying and murdering for money.

Due to bad deeds, she became a problem for many people, so in 1998, the director of Shield, Nick Fury, decided to kill Natasha Romanoff and he entrusted this task to Clean Person ie Hawkeye.

But when Hakai went to kill Natasha Romanoff, he saw that Natasha Surf was a 14-year-old girl, so he did not kill Natasha Romanoff and recruited her into the Shield.

As a result of her life, Natasha became loyal to Hawkeye and passed all the intelligence of the Red Room to SHIELD, and Hawkeye and Black Widow have become very good friends since then.

Even only Natasha knew about Klein’s secret family.

What power does Black Widow have?

How strong is Black Widow? He did not have any super powers and neither was a super soldier like Captain America nor did he have the armor like Ironman. But compared to the common people and was far ahead in her field.

Black Widow was one of the best fighters in the world. She was very expert in martial arts, karate, fighting. She could easily outmaneuver many people alone.

She knew how to use all kinds of weapons. It was not difficult for him to run from a normal hand gun to the biggest weapon.

She was an expert marksman, that is, a good shooter. Black Widow’s special weapon was her bracelet called Widow’s Bite.

Anyone can be given a strong electric shock with this bracelet. Natasha had more such electrical weapons which were made by Tony Stark. Black Widow was also an expert pilot.

Cars, bikes, trucks could drive everything and she could fly from fighter to spaceship. She knew many languages ​​and could easily hack the computer, her mind was so sharp that no one could fool her.

It was difficult to know when she was telling the truth and when she was lying. Sometimes Nick Fury had to get its lie detector test done. To know whether she is telling the truth or not.

He had figured out his plan by fooling Loki too.

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When and where will the Black Widow movie be released?

Everyone knows that due to Kovid, how much has changed from Bollywood to Bollywood and other business too. At present, the biggest impact has been on Hollywood.

Hollywood is the most focused on the streaming platform, but the idea that was first floated by Disney Studios by releasing the film Mullana failed completely.

He was not successful at all and the earnings could have claimed more than this. In such a situation, even after earning $100 million for the studio, the studio is not happy with it.

What Disney Plus needs the most is to make the most of its subscribers. Only then will it be profitable like Netflix.

If we look at the second example, the film Tenet could not earn well even in the name of Christopher Nilon. Had it not been Pandemic, its earnings would have been even better.

Well, the studio would not want to take such a big risk for its biggest film.

In such a situation, if we talk about the streaming platform, then the entire benefit of the film goes to the studio itself. If the film belongs to the studio, then the profit in the theater is divided in half, which is going to reduce Disney Plus.

That is, now the biggest films will be released in the theater and the rest of the small films will take the path of streaming platform.

Because even if good casting is done in low budget films, the films are increasing the number of subscribers, then this profit is profit for the studio.

So after Mulan’s failure, Pixar’s animated film Soul has been given the green light.

It will release on Disney Plus’ streaming platform on December 25. If seen right now, Disney Plus has 6.8 million subscribers.

Currently, Netflix is ​​at the forefront, which currently has 182 million subscribers as of April 2021, and HBO Max has 4.1 million. And Amazon has 150 million subscribers and everyone knows which show has increased the subscribers of Disney Plus.

The biggest demand from Disney’s shareholders is the release of Black Widow movie on Disney Plus.

Final Words

Black Widow will be released on 7 May 2021. If the situation does not go well regarding Kovid, then this film will be released on the streaming platform of Disney Plus. But for now the confirmation has been given about Black Widow that it can be released on Disney Plus.

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