Kavita Kaushik got furious after hearing the old mare – look at your parents, got a bikini photoshoot done on the tree

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Kavita Kaushik got furious after hearing the old mare – look at your parents, got a bikini photoshoot done on the tree

Kavita Kaushik told the troller that your father and mother are also like this

Kavita Kaushik, while replying to the troller, wrote that brother, I have not put any red bridle. Haven’t even made up. Has a little lip balm. And old age will be your father too, if you are mother too, then what to do? Is it a sin to grow old in this country? Will you give this education to the girl of this DP that son, after 40, your life is completely useless? On this reaction of Kavita, many of her fans are supporting her. At the same time, a fan has written that even after praising, comment on it.

Kavita Kaushik's photoshoot in bikini

Kavita Kaushik’s photoshoot in bikini

Kavita Kaushik, who has been trolled with her photo, is from a photoshoot of her recently. Where she is seen spreading desi colors with bikini in the forest. The beauty of Kavita Kaushik is that she writes some post with every picture of her. He wrote with this photo that you must love your abs. It’s you on your way. This caption of the poem has also been praised by his fans.

Kavita Kaushik's love for nature and photoshoot

Kavita Kaushik’s love for nature and photoshoot

Take a look at any photo of Kavita Kaushik. She often gets her photoshoot done between water and nature. Which is much liked. Here she is seen lying on the tree doing a photoshoot. He has also shared its pictures on his Instagram a few days ago. Kavita has also told that she is in love with nature.

Kavita Kaushik's latest photo

Kavita Kaushik’s latest photo

Kavita Kaushik is also known as Yoga Lady. The pictures of her hot yoga in bikini are always dominated. Kavita Kaushik’s style is very popular in the TV world. However, after Bigg Boss 14, the number of people trolling him has increased. Now this natural photoshoot of Kavita Kaushik is in discussion on social media.

Kavita Kaushik's difficult yoga

Kavita Kaushik’s difficult yoga

Kavita Kaushik is seen here doing yoga in a bikini. You might be surprised to see the picture. But take a look at Kavita Kaushik’s Instagram, she has posted many pictures of herself with such difficult yoga poses. All his pictures are well liked. Also sometimes trolls have to be done.

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