Harry Potter ‘Daniel Radcliffe’ suffering from corona virus? Said- I look sick

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Harry Potter ‘Daniel Radcliffe’ suffering from corona virus? Said- I look sick

Corona test positive in Daniel Radcliffe

This news about Harry Potter fame Daniel is coming out for the past several days that he has got corona virus. The news went viral from a tiktok handle that the test of corona has been found positive in Daniel Radcliffe. After this news, his fans became very sad and upset.

it's so funny

it’s so funny

When a radio jockey asked Daniel if you were safe. Reacting to this, Daniel said that it is quite funny. He has given an interesting answer, denying the news of himself being ill with the corona virus.

Corona to Daniel

Corona to Daniel

Daniel told that I went to the hair and makeup room during a play last night. Where my make-up artist told me that her niece has messaged her and told that Daniel has corona.

showed me the message

showed me the message

Daniel further said that he also showed me the tweet in which it was written that Daniel Radcliffe is the first famous person to be infected with the corona virus.

because i'm white

because i’m white

Responding to the rumor of his illness, Daniel said that maybe I always feel sick. You can trust the rumor even though I’m white. Let us tell you that a few days ago similar news came about Jackie Chan which proved to be a rumour.

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