Frozen 2 – Know how the film got its name and why the sequel of the film will be different from the name

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Frozen 2 – Know how the film got its name and why the sequel of the film will be different from the name


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As soon as you hear the movie Frozen, only snow-capped mountains and bitter cold will come to your mind. Although first the film takes us to the summer season. Elsa, who can’t handle her powers, pushes Arendelle to the cold forever.

Hence, the name of the movie Frozen, gets stuck there because of Elsa’s powers. In this sequel, the story has been turned towards fixing things and there has been talk of change, so the autumn season is kept in the film as the backdrop.


Production designer Michael Gaimo locked down the idea for the film in the fall. Anna and Elsa both go on their separate journeys in Frozen 2. And both mature in this journey. By doing slowly, both of them remove each and every layer.

Gaimo believes that with each layer she added depth to the film and for her it was like removing a layer of ice and connecting with the earth. So he found autumn to be the perfect season for the film.

Throughout the film, you will see the winds of change blowing which begins when Queen Iduna sings a lullaby to her daughters Elsa and Anna – All is Found. This lullaby tells the story of a river that has all the answers.


You win some, you lose some. And this time, the sisters will find answers to the questions that have always haunted Elsa, losing their sense of belonging and the safe feeling of being at home. Anna who is completely devoted to her sister will support Elsa.

Even if it means losing all that he has always wanted to get. At the end of the first movie we saw that Ana’s world is complete.

He has a lovely sister, a family, a kingdom and all is well. She doesn’t want to change a single thing about herself and it shows when she sings Some things never change. The song promises change and contrary to its name, change is just on the horizon in the film.
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Frozen 2 – how the title of the film is totally opposite to the theme.

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