Frozen 2 – Anna and Kristoff’s love story will go like this

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Frozen 2 – Anna and Kristoff’s love story will go like this


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In the first part of the movie Frozen, we saw that Anna and Kristoff were in love and were together. Now this snowy young man is a part of their family and they all live happily together. For Frozen Country Day in October, Disney showed a clip of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff celebrating Christmas and playing games with snowmen Olaf and Sven.

At the same time, for the first time, Elsa hears something scary for the first time after which she leaves the game and goes to sleep because she doesn’t want to remember anything scary.


Sitting in search of this opportunity, Christoph asks Anna the question he wanted to ask. But Anna is worried about her sister’s health. And his attention is not able to go to Kristoff’s plan. Even though Anna loves Kristoff very much. But every time Kristoff’s plan to propose goes like this.


Later, when Elsa decides she needs to find and figure things out, Kristoff doesn’t take a minute to support the sisters. However, on this journey Kristoff’s companion is Sven, who listens and understands his feelings.


Since Sven cannot speak, Kristoff becomes his voice. This dandy young man of snow met Anna and Elsa in the first film but their relationship is quite old. We see a younger Kristoff engaged to Elsa whom her parents brought to her for their magical powers. And so Kristoff was the first on this secret mission.

It is clear from the trailer that Kristoff is the driver of this mission while the love of his life, Anna, is about to step into a new world.
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Frozen 2: How Kristoff and Anna’s love story becomes the anchor plot for the film.

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