Frozen 2- A storm will come in Anna’s perfect life, the fear of losing everything!

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Frozen 2- A storm will come in Anna’s perfect life, the fear of losing everything!


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At the end of the first film we saw Anna find everything she wants – her lovely sister Elsa, a colorful family including Icemack Kristoff, snowman Olaf and reindeer Sven and her safe home in Arendelle.

But now she is on the threshold of a new adventure where there is a fear of anything happening. Yet Elsa feels an unknown vibe when Arendelle is in danger. Anna must follow her sister’s mysterious journey, where she may find answers to her family’s past.

  Frozen II

Director Chris Buck says- “In the first film Anna had nothing to lose, but this time she has everything to lose.” Anna is an optimistic fairy tale heroine. She feels good with her family and never wants to be alone again. But then life throws the dice at you and you have to deal with them.

According to writer-director Jennifer Lee- characters in fairy tales are not magical, but they deal with the dangers of the magical world.

Anna’s current state of affairs and positive behavior is captured well in the song ‘Some Things Never Change’. But change is bound to happen and Anna too has to discover the hidden things inside her. That’s why she comes out of her comfort. All this time she stands like a rock with her sister Elsa and is determined to protect her at all costs.

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Anna may have been put on this adventure against her wishes, but she is as persevering as ever and comes out strong.

– Diwali Hazra

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At the end of Frozen, we saw that Anna had all she ever wanted. Now she is at the threshold of a new adventure that threatens to tear apart everybody and everything she has been trying to hang on to.

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