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Biography of Ritika Phogat | Ritika Phogat Biography in Hindi

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Biography of Ritika Phogat | Ritika Phogat Biography in Hindi

Wrestler Ritika Phogat Wikipedia Hindi . Hi Wikipedia Hindi You are welcome here. Disappointed 17.year.old after losing to No. 1 in Wrestling’s final match Ritika Phogat committed suicide on 15 March. Ritika Phogat indian star wrestlers Babita Phogat was my sister. Today in this article Ritika’s biography information about.

Ritika Phogat Before knowing about one thing, which we want to tell our readers that life is precious. On losing his precious life because of a small defeat Ritika Phogat What did you get Only family members can guess what must be going on behind him on his family.

It is being told that Indian wrestler Babita Phogat’s maternal sister Ritika Phogat hanged herself by hanging herself by hanging a dupatta on the fan in Mahabir Phogat’s house on March 15 after losing the final match of the wrestling tournament. It is being said that Ritika has taken this step due to not being able to bear the embarrassment of defeat in the final match. But it is a very wrong thing to end life disappointed by a defeat.

Who is Ritika Phogat . Who is Ritika Phogat

Ritika Phogat was a Commonwealth Games medalist and maternal sister of Dangal Queen Geeta and Babita Phogat. Ritika was a resident of Jaitpur village in Jhanjhunu district of Rajasthan. She was practicing for the last five years at the academy run by Fufa Mahavir Phogat in her villages. Ritika participated in the state level sub junior wrestling competition held in Bharatpur, Rajasthan from 12 to 14 March.

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In the final match of this competition, Ritika lost by one point. Due to which she was in shock. Due to this, Ritika committed suicide by hanging herself in the room at Mahavir Phogat’s house in village Balali on the late night of 15 March. Ritika was so broken by a defeat, that she took the path of suicide and hanged herself.

Ritika Phogat Biography | Ritika Phogat Biography in Hindi

Name: Ritika Phogat
Nick Name: Ritika
Birthplace : Village Jaispur District Jhanjhunu (Rajasthan)
Profession: Wrestling
Death : 15 March 2021
Reason: Disappointed to lose in a wrestling match

wrestling career

17.year.old wrestling wrestler Ritika Phogat wanted to become a big wrestler like her cousin sister Dangal Queen Geeta and Babita Phogat. That’s why she was fond of playing wrestling since childhood. She was training in the village itself in the wrestling academy run by her uncle Dronacharya awardee wrestler Mahavir Phogat. Earlier, she had won many wrestling matches and hoisted her flag.

Ritika took part in the state level sub junior wrestling competition held in Bharatpur, Rajasthan for the last time from 12 to 14 March. In which he defeated all his rival wrestlers and made it to the final. But in the final match, Ritika Phogat lost the match by one point. After which Ritika was so broken from inside that she even decided to commit suicide.

last word

Friends, victory and defeat are two aspects of life, which keep coming and going. But after a defeat comes victory, it should never be forgotten. But due to the defeat in the final match, Ritika, who was broken from inside, took such a step, after which she could never return again. Therefore, children should never be put under too much pressure to win.

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If you’re losing, don’t think you can’t win. The one who defeats you is also like you. Therefore, one should always focus on hard work and not let the flow of victory and defeat flow. Thank you


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